Wednesday 30 July 2014

My cupcake!!!

Hello everyone,
I know , I know the tittle leave you in doubt…no no it’s not my birthday…neither of my blog…nope no celebration…it is a fun post !

Yes after spending several months on my showcase I finally cut my cupcake. Yes the cupcake is actually a soap and this beautiful creation is made by Gayatri who is the owner of the famous “Gia bath and body works” handmade soaps brand. I brought this cupcakes just for my curiosity that how it look like , how it will smell and how one feel to touch it…. and all thanks to Shweta, owner of Glam ‘n Gloss who let us know how to use these cupcakes …and yes I finally did....cut my cupcake too :P

The cupcake is strawberry one…the moment I cut it I feel like celebrating something…but oops I can’t eat it …. Heheeeee….

So here are few more pictures of cutting of my cupcake….!

In short I must say I just love cupcakes both edible and these soaps too…: P and very soon I am going to order loads of it from Gayatri once I end up my current stock….

So, if you love cupcakes…do have some …..Both edible and these soaps…: P     

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  1. Looks so good. But it could be difficult to stop my daughter from eating.
    I am following you on bloglovin,please follow me .


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