Friday 11 July 2014

Review of MABH Herbals hair growth oil:-

Hello everyone,

Hair are the most delicate and precious possession of every girl and when these hair looks dull and dry i think no makeup can recover that and that same thing happened with me…
When the whole blogging world was trying and testing MABH Herbals hair growth oil and giving reviews I was silently following and reading every reviews regarding this oil and was tempted to try this oil as I was facing dry and damage hair problem from few days. My hair became extreme dry and brittle. I was afraid to comb my hair as every time I touch my hair I found loads of hair strands on my hand… finally I thought to give a try to the most rave product  MABH Herbals hair growth oil…sounds like an ad right? But trust me it’s my own experience: P 

Anyways, next step was ordering the oil…now ordering was bit problem as one has to contact to Mabh owner Lancy to order the oil as there was no website from where we can order the oil easily by our credit or debit card but Thank fully Lancy (I think she read our thought) understand the problem of ordering and so they launch their website just a month back (I guess) that makes buying MABH Herbals hair growth oil very easy.  And it is so sweet of Lancy that she sends me a bottle of hair oil to try and in the mean time I ordered one MABH Herbals hair growth oil from their website for my mom too and both arrived at the same time.

 Price: - Rs.400/- for 100ml

For ingredient list and for few more information about MABH Herbals hair growth oil kindly refers the picture below:- 

The bottle doesn’t mention all the ingredients in it but it mention few important ingredients like Neem, Tulsi & Bringraj along with 18 essential herbs.

The oil comes in a nice plastic bottle with new packaging as the previous one was having problem with leaking of oil but this new packaging is travel friendly and the bottle is really sturdy.  

Coming to the color of the oil, as you can see it look light yellow color on my hand and it smells a mixture of coconut oil, mustard oil and curry leaves (I know I am really bad in describing smell) in short this oil smells like something really herbal. The oil is light in texture and makes my scalp feel cool. The smell of the oil is really relaxing to my nerve as I just love the smell. I generally apply the oil at night and leave it overnight and then wash it with mild shampoo and condition on the next day. The first day I use conditioner after wash I feel my hair weigh down a bit so on the next day of application of oil and followed by shampoo I skip the conditioner , trust me my hair still feels so soft that I just love to touch it always. So now whenever I apply the oil I skip the conditioner happily. The curls tame a bit and thus less breakage from second application of oil and finally after using no-stop 20 days I can really say that my hair started to get their food from this oil as I can feel my hair remain shiny and soft throughout the week even when I don’t get time to apply oil on weekdays. I don’t have dandruff so I can’t say about that but my hair fall due to breakage stops 85% till now. I know the more I will use the more I will get good result from this oil. Although I wish the quantity of the oil became little bit more compare to price but then it remind me of a common line that “good things always come in small package”…hehehe greedy me…

One more thing I must say that I won’t comment on re-growth of hair as it is too early to comment on that but I can say this oil is definitely going to remove all dryness of hair. As I don’t get time on weekdays so I apply the oil on weekends and it gives me soft and shiny hair entire week.

My rating: - 4.5/5

My final verdict: - Definitely a good oil that will immediately start working on your dryness of hair and makes your hair shiny and healthy day by day. 

P.S. product is send for review purpose

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