Monday 2 November 2015

My Halloween Makeup:-

She rebel so she cast out of the heaven, fall on earth, in the ocean…when people saw her shout at her either you sink or swim across the ocean…but she took out her black wings and decide to fly high…”

Hey girls,

I know I am running little bit late when it comes about posting on time…really sorry for that. My busy schedule always keeping me on my heels…Anyways, today’s post is my first ever HALLOWEEN MAKEUP on my blog.

Yes, it is my first time ever that I found really interesting to dress up on Halloween and when my first LBD (little black dress) came on time I thought it is just bang on time to try out that I never did before.

Halloween means Ghosts…few said it means celebrating the season of harvest while few says on this day the wall between our world and other world become thin so that the spirits can pass through it…on this day our ancestors do visit us…So many thoughts, so many superstitions but whatever be the reason I found it really interesting day.

The most funny truth about me is that I really scared of ghosts, for me a dark room is enough for scaring me…lol so when my pretty blogger friends dressed up like ghosts and start posting pictures of it, I really like it though I didn’t check back to their blog post for detail post …who knows I might can’t sleep afterwards..(Really sorry girls for this) so it is near about impossible for me to do something scary with my face during Halloween. I mean who like to look bad and scary with makeup on face…lol.

I almost thought to give up the idea of Halloween special post when the idea about “FALLEN ANGEL”click me... an angel that rebel against God and was cast out of heaven. 

And it is obvious that Halloween means “GHOST” but ghost can look pretty too ;) So here is my look for Halloween 2016.

And so this is the first time that I tried out a different kind of makeup. In Fairy tales, I do read that Angels do have bright eyes and nude lips and pale face so in my makeup I haven’t used any highlighter or blush. I just contour a bit of my face lightly rest I just use foundation and concealer. I didn’t go for looking myself pale as Delhi weather already make me pale a bit thankfully. I just enhance my actual skin tone :)

The main highlight of my makeup was my eyes as “fallen angel do have strong eyes, it says they don’t speak…their eyes speaks a lot and that’s why I go for some bright teal with purple and gold combination of eye shadows.

A big part of Halloween makeup is always fake lashes, but I am kind of little newbie while applying fake lashes so instead of fake lashes I go for double coat of mascara for my lashes that gives perfect long lashes look.

And yes, all the pictures are non-edited and no filter. I click it under bright sunlight and few are in shades so that the different natural light flaunt my makeup.

Finally the outfit I decided to wore with my makeup…:)


So, here I am ending my post here, wishing everyone in this world HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!


Sammy ;)


  1. Wow. .looking sexy n hot babe
    Happy halloween sweetie :*

    1. Thank you sweetheart :-* And Happy Halloween sweetie to you too :) :-*


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