Wednesday 4 November 2015

Swatch Gallery :- Mac matte lip collection 2015

Today I am here to show you the swatches of my recent buy of four Mac lipstick from Mac matte lip collection 2015 (I know am late as usual in posting this swatches…).

It’s being quite long time that I didn’t do any swatch post under my “SWATCH GALLERY”. So for a change and apart from my regular tutorial or FOTD here I am with my swatch gallery once again :)

This time it is from Mac matte lip collection 2015 which launched 22 pieces of lipsticks in which half are Mac matte finish and rest half are Mac retro matte finish. Most of the shades are from the permanent range like Ruby Woo, All Fired Up, Flat Out Fabulous, Velvet Teddy, Kinda Sexy, Please Me, Heroine and Pink Pigeon and few are newly added that going to be added to their permanent line this time.
I already brought Pink pigeon and Dangerous before but it was somehow snatched forcefully by my sister so this time I make sure that I grab those too along with two newly launch shades from this collection that are launched for first time in matte range. One is “TROPIC TONIC” and other is “WHIRL”.
I am a die heart fan of Mac matte lipsticks. 
From left to right Mac lipsticks are Dangerous,Whirl, Tropic Tonic, Pink Pigeon
When it comes about lipstick I “I LOVE MAC, NO MATTER HOW MUCH THEY COST” the finish of matte lipstick, the texture of them are just so perfect along with my choice of matte kind of lipsticks. So, this time as usual I was waiting for the collection to get launched and once it done I grab all four together (I hope my husband not reading the post…lol).

Anyways without more keeping you all waiting here are the pictures of all four Mac lipsticks :)

Here are the swatches of Mac lipsticks :)

Here is the FOTD of mine wearing Mac TROPIC TONIC on my lips.

And Mac WHIRL on my lips.

I don't know why, but i don't like the shade whirl on my lips where as it look pretty good on others. Whirl is a muddy kind of brown that looks quite washout on my skin tone where as Tropic tonic brighten up my face nicely. So my personal favorite is "Tropic Tonic".

Okay, so this is a very short post of mine as I am in hurry, packing my stuff as am leaving Delhi for two weeks, going back to my city “KOLKATA” where all the fun just waiting for me, but I promise you that I will be back with loads of post after two weeks of break and yes, before I end up my post, I wish you all “A VERY HAPPY AND SAFE DIWALI”…be safe and enjoy ! :)

Sammy :-*


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