Friday 29 July 2016

Reviews & Swatches of Colour Pop ultra matte Lip in "Mars" & "More Better"

Hey ya,
"Love for lipstick will never die until I am alive"
It was started with a single lippie stix from the brand "Colour Pop". And it lasts forever I guess. The brand is growing up slowly and they are launching some really beautiful shades in affordable price. 

Colour Pop cosmetics launched ultra matte lip shades which are liquid matte lipsticks like the famous "Lime crime Velvetines". The range of this liquid matte lipstick is so huge that I am pretty sure that it has every shade for everyone.
So when the whole beauty blogging world raving about this ultra matte liquid lipstick I decided to grab few . So, recently I brought two ultra matte lip shade. Both are hottest selling lip shades. One is "Mars", a beautiful fuschia red shade and another is "More Better" is described as deep violet wine. Although it is described as deep violet wine but I found it has a beautiful pink/violet cool undertone.

I brought the lipsticks from Instagram and Facebook seller LaChicWik in Rs.850/- each.

Colour pop Ultra matte lip shades are liquid matte lip shades. These are matte lip colours. It comes in a transparent tube with a wand applicator. The consistency of the lipstick is not so runny neither so thick. It glides super smoothly on lips and it turns out matte within few seconds of applying. The wand is a pretty comfortable one to apply lipsticks. Due to the transparent packaging of the lipsticks, it is simple yet easy to check the shade without opening it. The ultra matte liquid lipstick is actually drying matte lip colour. So it is very obvious that it will tend to dry your lips more. I prefer to pre moisturise my lips overnight before applying the lipstick so that I can save my lips a little bit from getting dry with time. But, still after 1-2 hours it tends to dry out lips a lot and turn out little flaky too.

These lipsticks are transfer-proof and they are hard to remove too, so you need some oil makeup remover to remove these lipsticks. The lipsticks are so drying that it make prominent the crease line of lips making it look really chapped and ugly. And if you dare to smile then definitely people going to see your horrible cracked lipstick. I really wonder that India although is a summer-oriented country still these lip colours tend to dry out the lips on sweaty summers days then how foreign bloggers use to carry these ultra matte lip shades in cold oriented countries...??? :(

It is from my personal experience that I found "Mars" is a bit more drying on my lips than "More Better". The dryness of the lipsticks can make you feel little uncomfortable after few hours. So I prefer to apply a lip balm on my lips 15minutes before applying the lipstick and then remove the excess of lip balm just by dabbing it. In these way, the lip shades look way better and stay better.

Both the shades are pretty dupable ones. I found Mars is a bit darker pink shade than Mac "To matte with love" retro matte lipstick. While "More Better" is just the exact dupe of "Mac Fashion Revival" lipstick.

Colour Pop is an international brand which is not available in India and they don't ship to India. So, one had to depend on Instagram and Facebook sellers for it. So, at the end, it is definitely not so cheap for us when we buying it from sellers & re-sellers. But still there are few sellers who are selling it at affordable prices too.

Summing up, Colour Pop Ultra matte lipsticks are perfect matte lipsticks for the matte lover. But again it is so drying on lips that it is hard to carry for hours. But if you don't have the problem with over-drying lips then definitely it is made for you. Else these ultra matte lip colours are not easy to carry for hours.

Hope you like today's review...Did you bring anything from this brand yet? I heard they have some pretty good Lippie stix (which is not so drying on lips), blushes and eye shadows and highlighters too...will check them out soon ;)

Sammy :)


  1. More Better is looking so gorgeous on you.
    i keep myself away from MAT lipstick/ gloss. i hate when it settles into fine lines and looks so weird. :(

    1. I love matte lipstick but these looks like more drying and settle into lips which are very uncomfortable :(


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