Sunday 31 July 2016

Review and swatches of ColourPop Matte lippie stix

Hey friends,
Today I am up with ColourPop cosmetics matte lippie stix review and swatches. 

After the crazy haul from ColourPop cosmetics liquid matte lipsticks(you can read the review here)  and matte lippie stix (you can read the review here), I turn my interest towards matte lippie stix.

The matte lippie stix is the next best lippie stix after matte x lippie range. This collection consists of matte lippies that has a satin finish.

A few words from the brand itself about the ColourPop lippie stix:-

We’ve made it easy for you - every Lippie Stix has a matching Lippie Pencil that was designed to match its partner perfectly. However, we’re not trying to be bossy pants and tell you creative lovelies what to do. So, if you want to create an Ombre lip look or something, have fun mixing and matching & do your thang! MATTE FINISH Full coverage, super long wearing, ultra-comfortable & seriously loaded with pigment in a matte finish. 

Price:-$5 plus $25 international shipping.

Availability:- (they now ship internationally).

I choose five beautiful shades from this huge range of matte lippie stixs, LUMIERE, BRINK, HEART ON, I HEART THIS and HYPE GIRL.

Coming to the shades description:-


LUMIERE, A dusty mauve pink in a matte finish created by the lovely KathleenLights . According to her "I wanted a color that both bold and shy people could wear. It's not a would look great on EVERYONE​!".

BRINK, a warm dusty taupe in a matte finish.

HEART ON, a bright cool-toned magenta in a matte finish.

I HEART THIS, a red based fuchsia in a matte finish.

HYPE GIRL, a soft coral neutral in the matte finish.

I choose each from every kind of shade from the matte range and so there is the perfect mixture from daily wear neutrals to night out party pink shades.



The lippies come in a white sleek packaging. It is so sleek that it look like a pen, so it can easily carry everywhere in a small purse too. I prefer to carry these sleek lippies during traveling as they fit easily in small space.

The lipstick comes out in a twist up the pattern, the shape of the bullet is so well designed that it is easy to apply the lipstick on thin lips direct from a bullet. In fact, one can line the lips with the lippie stix too.

My Experience:-


All the lippie stix, whether they are light or bold shades, all are pretty pigmented one. The lippies are although matte but I found they have satin kind of finish that settle down to a comfort matte texture. They have a mild candy kind of smell that disappear after few seconds of application. The lippies are not hydrating one but at the same time, they are not over drying your lips. It glides smoothly on lips and stays approx 4 hours on my lips.

Overall I love the matte lippie stix from ColourPop cosmetics after the matte x range. The quantity and the quality you getting in five dollars is totally worth buying.

That's all for today (giving you a break from my FOTD, this time ..LOL).

See you soon.

Love Sammy :*


  1. Wow... Gorgeous swatches.. Lumiere is too beautiful...


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