Monday 26 June 2017

MAC Nude Nutcracker Sweet Lipstick Kit Review, Photos, Swatches

I don't know why I am posting this post so late. Maybe as MAC COSMETICS holiday collection pass by and I am waiting for another holiday collection from this brand which reminds me that I haven't posted the lippies from last holiday...Yes, I am talking about "MAC Nude Nutcracker Sweet Lipstick Kit".

But still, I am doing so after such a long time because most of the lipsticks are PERMANENT in MAC COSMETICS regular line of lipsticks.So, if you like it you have the choice to pick any 3 out of four (as one is limited edition) to pick from the regular line.

Last year MAC Cosmetics comes up with a bang and launched MAC NUTCRACKER SWEET HOLIDAY COLLECTION.
I picked up almost everything from that collection which is I already reviewed on mine blog. I picked up MAC NUTCRACKER SWEET LIPSTICKS, MAC MAGIC DUST POWDER, MAC NUTCRACKER SWEET COPPER FACE PALETTE  and this kit.

But this one was long pending as I got it later on JANUARY 2017 which is the reason that my this blog post has gone backlog.
During cleaning my drive I found this post lying in my files and I was having pain while deleting all the pictures that I clicked especially for this post and so without more thinking I just post it...bam !!!

Mac launched this mini kit of nude lipsticks as a part of their last year holiday collection last year 2016.

It was priced: $40.80 which included four mini lipsticks.
It was available on too.

The lipsticks in this nude kit are:-

CREME CUP: - It is a light-medium pink with neutral- undertones and a glossy with a luminous finish. 

NOUVELLE VOGUE:- It is a medium, rosy pink with neutral-cool undertones and a matte finish.

KINDA SEXY:- It is a medium-dark, pinky-peach with warm, brown undertones and a semi-matte finish

WHIRL:- It is a muted, medium-dark brown with subtle, pink undertones and a warmer undertone paired with a matte finish.

Among all the four I love NOUVELLE VOGUE most. It is a beautiful lipstick that definitely enhances my fair skin tone.

My Thoughts:-

All the four lipsticks are categories under the n*de section of mac lipsticks. The entire kit has the different texture of lipsticks. The kit is actually very pretty which comes in a drawer kind of box that are decorated very creatively with pink, gold and plum shades. The lipsticks are mini in size for which it is very easy to carry. The packaging of the lipsticks are definitely cute and one main reason for me that I picked this kit too along with other products in this collection. 

The only down point that I found in this kit is that the selection of shades of lipsticks are only appropriate for fair skin beauties, particularly cool tones one as few shades will wash out on warm undertones. Secondly out of four shades three lipsticks are from permanent range (I mean come on, who wants to pay some extra bucks just for a permanent shade in a limited edition packaging? ).

Definitely, it was an impulsive buy by me as most of the shades are not my favorite but they are still in my stash because I mostly mix and match these lipsticks to create a new color.

So, that's a mini review kind of post over this kit as I don't want to elaborate this old product post too much. Between, I am excited to see what Mac cosmetics will go to bring in this year's holiday collection ;)

I am signing off for today.
Until next time...Love Sammy :*

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